Being in My Life and in My Work

From Corinne in Binningen, Switzerland

Being in My Life and in My Work

For the last three weeks, my husband Danny and I traveled around the east of Canada where we had a wonderful time in beautiful nature and in interesting cities. I’m back at work for almost three days now and I want to write to you about how amazing Transformation is:

I’m a manager of eight delightful bakeries and 110 lovely employees. So when I’m back I am very busy and these days I love it, it’s not a problem and doesn’t make me upset like it used to. Why? Because of Transformation! As soon as I arrived on Monday morning, my thoughts told me, “this is too much work, you will never finish the salaries, the work schedule, the accounting or get anything done in time.” But I quickly remembered something I have learned in Ariel & Shya’s seminars – that I am not my thoughts. I got engaged in taking care of the salaries and my complaining thoughts faded into the background.

After a while, though, the thoughts got louder. Or maybe I just started listening to them again. 😉 They were complaining about what I had to do next. But in that moment, I realized I was listening to the thoughts instead of doing my work. Again, I was back in the moment and was doing the salaries until they were done and the money was sent to all our employees. After that, I simply kept starting and finishing whatever was next.

So my last three days were full of handling tasks from beginning to the end, being where I was… and even sometimes listening to my thoughts.

I’m so thankful to have learned the skill of BEING in my life, moment to moment. Whether it is a romantic dinner somewhere cozy with my amazing husband, or busy and happy at my great workplace. Transformation just rocks and I love to rock and roll.

If you want to rock and roll with me, join me in Hamburg, Germany for the “Transformation at the Workplace” seminar or in New Jersey for “Being in Nature.”

I will be at both because I want more of this transformational lifestyle!

I invite you wholeheartedly to join me – let’s rock and roll together!


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Dear Corinne, thank you for sharing this great experience with us! I love it, because it brings me back to the transformational way of doing my work, well being and living my life. Love, Sonja

Thank you for this lovely reminder of how we can get caught in listening to our thoughts.
Great to see you soon 🙂
Warm wishes,

Thank you Corinne for sharing. Work can be fun. When I start working on Monday my mood is as good as it is on Friday. Love Transformation Rita