“Beeing” a Good Listener

From Jodi in Brooklyn, NY

“Beeing” a Good Listener

PurpleflowerBeeDear Friends,

As an educator, I recently assisted with a Spelling Bee event. What I have learned from Ariel & Shya’s workshops about listening really made a difference!

During the Spelling Bee, I was on the stage with 40 middle school students, managing the flow of the event as each student stepped up to the microphone to spell a word. While the students were waiting to be called, they had a range of responses. Some fidgeted in their seats. Some were nervous. Some were chatting with their neighbors. But rare was the student who actually listened to the speller at the microphone. The more I guided the students to bring their attention and listen with their eyes and ears, the calmer they became. Listening to others rather than listening to their own thoughts redirected the students and helped create a calm environment and caused the flow of the event to go smoother.

I am sooo grateful to have learned this skillset! Thank you Ariel and Shya for introducing Transformational Listening to the world. It’s such a practical gift!

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Brilliant blog. I work with challenging students, who do find it difficult to sit still and listen for any length of time. Thank you for your inspirational blog and sounds like the Spelling Bee was a huge success.

Thanks so much Naz – I really appreciate your comments!
Yes! The Spelling Bee was wonderful!