Another Big Win

By Heike

Another Big Win

I’d like to share a recent win with you because this community has a huge part in it.

Recently, I won the “Curvy Fashion Dancer Big Twister 2022” at Germany’s only Curvy Model Contest. Here’s how it came about.

Last year on a job, I met a stylist who also happened to be a Model. We instantly became friends. He told me about the Curvy Model contest, as he is the catwalk-trainer for the event. I wasn’t convinced at first: Model? Let alone, Contest? Not for me, I thought. 

With Transformation, though, I’ve learned not to listen to my self-doubting thoughts. I applied anyway. 

There were 1700 applications and only 100 were invited to come to the casting audition in Düsseldorf. I was selected! Yet my thoughts still told me not to go: It’s a half an hour drive, my husband Mariano needs the car, so I’d have to go by train. Also, in order to attend, I had to prepare a 3 minute casting-performance and then later that same day, I was supposed to be on stage. In my mind, this was all too much hustle.

Again, I didn’t listen to my thoughts. I went anyway.

To my surprise, out of the 100 contestants, I was picked to be one of the eight dancers chosen for the next step: The Big Twisters Curvy Model Contest. We had three intensive days of training and in the evening of day three was the big gala, where we showed real clothing brands including a wedding dress in a mixture of dance and catwalk.

Once again, because of my thoughts and a variety of “reasonable” reasons, I was on the verge of not going!

But I overrode those thoughts and went.  I had three amazing days with wonderful and sweet people. At the end of the evening, the audience was asked to vote for the best fashion dancer and I won! The Big Twisters are now bookable as a fashion dance team and the agency is also promoting me as a model – but that is not the main thing for me. The most important thing in that moment was to dance, and it felt like flying.

Before the gala, a TV station interviewed me: 

“Here are so many people who don’t feel well in their own skin. You seem different. What is your secret?” the reporter asked.

 “There is only the moment. I like to enjoy it,” I replied.

Not long after, I signed with an acting agency. In all my years of working, I’ve never had an agency (I never even tried), so this is yet another big win. Jumping over my self-doubt, I updated my CV, photos and shot a demo reel. For the first time in my acting career, I wasn’t focusing on the outcome but on having fun. The agency that signed me loved my demo reel because I am “so effortless and honest.”

Without this community and the skills I have been honing at the Living Made Easy seminars, including those I’ve attended in Costa Rica, I would have listened to my thoughts and would never have applied for the dance contest to begin with. Not only was I able to bypass those negative ideas and thoughts with consistency, now I have momentum in my life and in my career.

My friends, this is all because of transformation and you. Yes, you heard me, YOU. In the Kanes’ seminars, listening to the Being Here podcast and participating with regularity, I have learned from all of you amazing people (including Ariel and Shya) that I am not my thoughts – they can be negative and self-doubting but I don’t have to listen.  I also keep discovering that just being me and having fun is a gift and it really is enough. I am more than thankful.

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Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment of being in and enjoying the moment! And huge congratulations on the win.

Yeah! Congratulations & thanks for inspiring article!

You are amazing, Heike! A great actress, a caring friend, and so much more. Congratulations (to you of course, and to the agency for taking you on, a big win for them I’m sure!!) Thanks for sharing!