The Kitten Chronicles: An Unexpected Gift

By Shya Kane
Baby the kitten in the window

The Kitten Chronicles: An Unexpected Gift

Baby was seated in the office window – one of her favorite places during the day. Her tail was twitching, which usually indicates birds at the feeder in our yard. I came over to stroke my hand down her back and share her view. Leaning forward I saw that yes, there were birds…lots of them. Looking closer, I saw that a flock of eastern bluebirds were migrating through. I called Ariel over and the 3 of us watched them together. Swooping, winging from tree to feeder and even briefly standing on the upper deck railing in front of us, an entire flock of these little beauties were before us.

Eastern bluebirds are sometimes known as the Bluebird of Happiness. They are somewhat rare in our area and, if we are fortunate, we get to see them in the spring or the fall when they are on their way to their summer or winter homes.

Within a few minutes, the flock had flown on. With a twitch of her tail our kitten had given us an unexpected gift. Perhaps knowing that bluebirds were forever out of her reach, Baby ran downstairs and brought back her pink fuzzy toy and settled down to play. But before long, she was back in her window perch on the hunt once again.

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