A Turning Point

By Candace

A Turning Point

When I first met Joe twelve years ago, I could tell there was something different about him. He was kind, honest, and so sure of himself. On our first date, he really listened to me, and our conversation was effortless.

A few weeks later, we spent New Year’s Eve together with Joe’s newly married friends, Andy and Leah. We had a wonderful evening and they all talked about Ariel & Shya Kane’s Transformational seminars that they had been attending for years. I thought to myself, “Oh, this must be the reason they are so happy!”

The next seminar, Transformation in the New Year, was to be held just two days later, and they all invited me to join them for it. I initially thought I would wait and go to another one, perhaps later in the year, but they said, “You don’t have to do anything – just come.” I took them up on their invitation and when I attended, I felt so welcomed by everyone. While I didn’t understand it all, I knew I wanted to return; I knew that I wanted what they all had.

The Transformation in the New Year seminar ended up becoming a turning point in my life; I soon began joining the evenings and then weekend seminars on a regular basis, eventually attending the Kanes’ one and two-week immersion courses in Costa Rica.

Fast forward twelve years, and Joe and I are happily married and have a three-year-old daughter, Violet. Andy and Leah remain two of our very best friends, and they have a daughter of their own, just about the same age as ours. Transformation continues to support Joe and I throughout our relationship, in our professional lives, and even through challenges we’ve faced with Violet’s rare genetic and autism diagnoses. Through it all, there’s a constant hum of well-being that runs in all of us.

I am so grateful for the invitation I received all those years ago.

Who invited you to your first Transformational event?

Who would you like to invite?

Don’t wait. It could very well be a turning point for them and for you as well.

Find out more/register for Transformation in the New Year

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What a beautiful article and what an inspiration you are, Candace! So honored to be your friend and have been a part of your journey all these years. You, Joe and Violet are rockstars! ????????????

What a love story: not only between Joe and Candace, but also between Candace and Transformation.
I was introduced by Ursula Oelke to Transformation, and I also fall In Love with Transformation and especially the lifestyle of wellbeing which is what I get from all these seminars!
Thank you so much dear Ursula for asking me again and again!
Thanks to Ariel & Shya and the whole community for this lifestyle of wellbeing!

I love this blog, Candace! I am so moved by the reminder that a simple invitation can have such a profound and lasting impact on the lives and well being of others ????

I remember going to my first-ever seminar in Cambridge, England inspired by my, now husband, Laurence in 2014. I was so struck by the aliveness, openness and warmth of the people there, that I knew I wanted some of that. Almost a decade later, I continue to be inspired by the community and get to experience my own aliveness.

Thank you Candace for sharing yourself! It reminded me of when my sister invited me to my first evening with Ariel and Shya here in Hamburg and I’ll be forever grateful to my sister for inviting me. Ariel and Shya offered me a completely new perspective and a possibility for well-being I had no clue existed. And it continues to be an inspiration and support in all areas of my life.