A Fun and Easy Commercial Shoot!

From Kat in New York City

A Fun and Easy Commercial Shoot!

KATROSSheadshotHey Friends!

I just wanted to share about an awesome experience I had shooting a commercial for La Roche-Posay cosmetics!

I was on my way to Monday Night Alive in NYC when I got a call from my friend Sathya, who I had met at the Kanes’ seminars. He was directing a video shoot the next day and needed a model to demonstrate how to use the cosmetics being advertised. I jumped at the chance. What an opportunity!

I got to the shoot the next morning and the team there was so amazing. Everyone was relaxed and on task and things just seemed to flow very easily. When it was my turn in front of the camera I just listened to what they needed and did it without adding anything extra. Things moved along so easily. Shot after shot was perfect with only minor tweaks needed here and there.

Both Sathya and the representative from the cosmetics company were so happy with the way the shots were looking. I couldn’t believe how relaxed and easy it all was.  Here’s the link to the videos if you would like to see for yourself:


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