A Dream Come True

From Jen in Kansas City

A Dream Come True

Jen and Peisia in Sydney, AustraliaMy parent company had bought a Solar panel group in Australia and the new group wants to sell our LED light fixtures in the Australian Market. I am going for a week to help get the new folks trained on the lighting products, help set them up and go out and make some customer calls with them. I’m really excited at the opportunity.

To be honest, it’s pretty unbelievable this is happening…that I’m really going to Australia. When I was in the 5th grade, we had a writing project: to write about what we were going to be when we grew up, where we were going to live and what our lives would look like. I wrote about going to Melbourne, Australia, graduating from Melbourne University and living in Sydney Australia. It was soooo not in my reality at that time and as I was writing, I knew that it was a fantasy and it felt like what I was writing would never happen to me. After that assignment, I pretty much forgot about it until about 15 years later, when I had returned to college at the University of Kansas (KU) to get my engineering degree. The 1st year I was at KU I found out that there was an student exchange program between the engineering school at KU and a school in Australia. I even knew someone who went on the exchange. I checked into it, went to the introductory meeting and found out the cost of going. It seemed unreasonable to go, so I pretty much forgot about it and went about my normal life.

Flash forward 15 years later again…the VP of my business group called me on the phone last November and was telling me about this “new acquisition” our parent company had acquired (the Solar company), that someone should probably go there and help get them set up, train them on the products, etc. He knew how much I liked to travel and how successful a previous business trip to Hungary was a couple of years ago…so I said, “okay… where am I going?” And he replied, “Australia”. I said “YES, I’m in!” (Actually, my response was probably more like “HELL YES”…) After a few months of negotiations and getting the new group on board, I will be on an airplane next weekend.

Shya and Ariel always talk about how life supports us in what we want. Who knew that as an 11 year old 5th grader, thinking I was just writing a piece of fiction that would NEVER come true, I would actually be going to Australia? Without transformation in my life, I would have NEVER in a million years believed it. Now since meeting all of you guys, I am a FIRM believer and I love how things keep showing up…over and over again to instill and support what Ariel and Shya talk about.

Transformation is instantaneous. It is cumulative. Life does support you when you’re there for it and when you’re going for it. Before meeting you all, I could only dream about things I thought I wanted – only I was fantasizing about what I wanted to make my life better or me better or different. I didn’t realize how great my life already was. The things that I’ve gotten to do, the places I’ve traveled, the amazing people I’ve met, all because I “woke” up out of the fog of this “working on myself” sleep and started living my life in a way I never thought possible.

Thank you Ariel and Shya and thank you to all of you in this international community! I love you all and I’m so glad to know you!

Big HUGS and Kisses from Kansas City.


PS: I reached out to Peisia from Australia, who I met in the Kanes’ Instantaneous Transformation Costa Rica seminars, and I will be hanging out with her for a couple of days to experience her resident city of Melbourne with her. It’s mind-blowing the reach this community has and that it just so happens I have a friend that I can visit while I’m there. Mind-blowingly Awesome!

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