A Community of YES-Sayers

from Michael in NYC

A Community of YES-Sayers

One of the benefits of attending events with Ariel and Shya is joining up with a community of YES-sayers. I’m thrilled to have met and befriended all kinds of people who are brilliant in diverse fields and interested in my brilliance too. Like the multi-talented couple who—among many other projects—produces Ariel and Shya’s videos: Rod Hill and Caitlin Ward. After viewing video after gorgeous video from this team, I decided that I wanted to give myself the gift of having one of their works of art on my website.

So I commissioned Rod and Caitlin to produce the official introductory video for FreeBodyFreeVoice.com. They suggested a format that would include me talking about what I do and demonstrating how I work with a student as well as some of my students expressing what working with me is like. Among my students who participated in the filming are Leah and Andy, whose faces will be recognized by many who attend the Kanes’ seminars.

You can see the beautiful, moving, inviting film Rod and Caitlin produced here:

(You may also view the video from its new home on Michael’s website.)

Such richness in the space of three and a half minutes! I could not be more pleased with how this video came out and am proud to have it on my website, representing my approach so accurately and eloquently for prospective clients. My students and I all found it easy and enjoyable to talk on camera, because Rod—while also operating the camera!—embodied the perfect interviewer. He is an expert listener, whose YES to everything we said elicited our best performances for the camera.

Thank you, Ariel and Shya, for creating your community of YESes! I am thriving among this group like never before in my life.

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