4 Simple Ideas That Can Transform
Your Workplace and Your Life!

from Corinne in NYC

4 Simple Ideas That Can Transform
Your Workplace and Your Life!

CorinneMI design eyewear and am a Vice President of a major optical company. As a member of the Optical Women’s Organization, I was recently invited to write an article as part of their series, called the “One Minute Mentor.” I was inspired to write about lessons that I have learned from Ariel & Shya Kane by participating in their workshops, reading their books and listening to their Radio Show, Being Here. I want to share this article with the transformational community as working with Ariel & Shya has transformed my business and my life! Enjoy!OWAlogo

ONE-MINUTE MENTOR – 02-16-2016:

By: Corinne McCormack

Several years ago, I noticed that my life was not going the way I wanted it to go. I was overwhelmed and unhappy. Fortunately, in this state of mind, I reached out to my friends as I was looking for something that would provide happiness. What I have noticed is that happiness resides in each of us. It is not something that is given to us. I also learned other lessons that I want to share with you.

  1. The Importance of True Listening
  2. Live Your Life With Excellence
  3. Take Care of Others and Be Kind to Yourself
  4. You Are Perfect!

I had lunch with a friend and I told her I was looking for something, a group where I could discover how to manage my business and growth. She invited me to attend a workshop titled “Transformation in the Workplace.” It was led by award-winning authors, Ariel and Shya Kane.

I approached this workshop as I did most of my life with a “to do list” and some business issues that I had to work on. But I discovered a new way of life that was beyond my imagination and allowed for magic to happen. In the years following the workshop, I grew my business by over 80%.

I have learned a new way of approaching life that is more fulfilling than what I was doing before. I am going to list just some of the lessons that I have learned from the Kane’s books and workshops:

Listening is important. Not the listening we normally do. But actually listening to the other person to hear what they are really saying from their point of view. Not to listen through our own personal agenda to see if we agree or disagree with what the other person is saying. When I started really listening to others, I was able to really hear them. It is an amazing phenomenon that happens when people feel that you actually heard them. They relax and it allows an opportunity for real communication.

Live Life with Excellence. Most of us have things we prefer to do or think are more important. So we approach those tasks with excellence. However, what about all the other things we do in life? If you approach doing everything with excellence, it allows you to have more fun and experience life in a new way. I mean doing the dishes with excellence . . . . Approaching all tasks with the same approach as we normally reserve for what we consider important. In your career, what do you think is not something you prefer to do? Try doing that with excellence and see how much more rewarding it will be.

Taking Care of Others. We often think that we need to take care of ourselves and that is enough. What we miss is that when we take the attention off of us and look around to see how we can support other people, it allows for a more expanded, fulfilled life and everyone prospers. This is perfect to consider in our business lives. Do we reach out to take care of the people who work for us? Do we look to simplify the job of the person or people we report to? It is amazing how small actions can really transform your business life. Also, be kind to yourself. If you are kind to yourself, you will be able to be kind to others.

You Are Perfect. Resolutions are made when you feel like you are not enough, not successful enough, not thin enough, etc. But really, how can you be any different than you are right now? If you see that you are perfect right now, it allows for magic to happen. This does not mean to not look to achieve anything, but rather to approach your life from the position that you are perfect now. Not to just accept how you are, but to really see your own personal brilliance and appreciate that! Then go for whatever your heart desires.

I hope this message inspires you.


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