Finding My Center During Flu Season

From Yan in Manhattan, NY

Finding My Center During Flu Season

YanandThomasIn this photo, I am with my eight-month-old son, Thomas, at the doctor’s office. He had a fever of 103 degrees that day and we were waiting to find out whether he had gotten the flu for the 2nd time this season.

……Yep, he had the flu again. This time it was flu B and not flu A. My two-year-old daughter, Alice, had been diagnosed the same morning with flu B as well. On top of that, my mom and dad, important caretakers who help my husband and I with the raising of our children, had also caught a cold and flu. I was headed into my 3rd day on only three hours of sleep each night.

In the brief moments after the doctor diagnosed Thomas with the flu, I experienced a combination of guilt, blame, and helplessness. I felt guilty for being such a horrible parent and daughter who couldn’t even keep her children and parents healthy. I blamed myself – clearly, I must have done horrible things in my life in order for the people I care about to get sick. I wished I could be the one being sick instead of them.

Quickly, I realized how these thoughts were easy distractions and that I was creating them to avoid what actually needed my attention. Immediately, I shifted my energy and time to being there for my children and parents. All of a sudden, I experienced that the universe was on my side.

I completed all time-sensitive tasks for the next day’s work easily. I called my boss to request early leave for the next day, and she fully supported me. My husband, Ed, tidied up our newly renovated apartment so it felt homey and healing. Instantly, I became available to truly partner with my parents to ensure that we regularly monitored the children’s temperature and energy level, and were there for them. We took turns and when one of the kids was asleep, either my parents or I would nap as well. After about 14 hours, including nighttime, Alice and Thomas became fever-free! My parents and husband also looked and felt more rested, and I got a lot more sleep too.

I was only one person and couldn’t have accomplished the details all by myself, but my quickness in regaining my center and well-being definitely impacted the well-being in my loved ones. Rather than being stressed and worried, we were all able to work easily as a team to bring everyone back to health.

I am enjoying this way of living and credit Ariel and Shya Kane for sharing enlightenment with me!