Ariel & Shya Kane: Catalysts for Instantaneous Transformation
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The Freedom to Breathe and Art of Being a Healer Weekend

We have combined two of our most powerful one-day seminars into a spectacular weekend workshop. Regardless of our vocations or roles in life, we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and to be a healing presence for those around us. The Freedom to Breathe portion of this weekend uses breath as a tool to access the moment, gently dissolving the unconscious restrictions that limit your life. This will lead seamlessly into The Art of Being a Healer and discovering the healer that dwells within. Through discussion and group interaction as well as a hands on laboratory, you will learn the fundamentals of "ShyaWork," an approach that has helped thousands to eliminate stress, pain and suffering.

Freedom to Breathe and Art of Being a Healer Weekend

Date: Friday – Sunday, December 4 – 6, 2015
Time: Friday, 7pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday: 10am-6pm
Location: Skyline Hotel, 725 Tenth Ave. at 49th Street – Penthouse Ballroom, New York, NY
Fee: $475

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What People Are Saying

"A splendid and warm workshop in which I not only felt connected to Life, but also had the wonderful opportunity to experience the cumulative effect of many past workshops led by the Kanes. During the breath exercise, I really saw how thoughts are just thoughts (and usually not true), and how well in my own skin I have grown to feel. Magic – Thank you!!" – Erica O., Attorney at Large Biotech Company
"I had acquired an allergy to certain airborne pollutants that affect my upper respiratory tract. Concerns about doing the Breath Workshop arose, fearing that my condition would be triggered. To my surprise the technique had a therapeutic effect on my condition. I was breathing strongly and confidently and became medicine free for at least a month after the weekend." –Ellen J., Artist, Loving Mother and Wife
"WOW! I have never had such a profound and graceful experience of myself before. A deep touch of wealth and expansion. And every time I participate in the Freedom to Breath it is different, extraordinary, new, and a gift to myself. I am thrilled."
– Katja D.
"It is incredible that just through breathing and being with another human being my body and soul gets cleansed and healed from things that have stuck with me for perhaps my whole life, I had no idea that I carried them with me. It is such an enlightening and freeing experience that opens the way to a life full of new possibilities I couldn't even have dreamed about." – Katrin B.
"Just through breathing I experienced a wonderful relaxation and met myself in a way I never did before. It was a beautiful journey and I discovered amazing things."
– Norman W.
"During the Freedom to Breathe it was the first time I actually experience what 'being' is. How calm my mind can get and how soft my body feels and how wonderful it is to meet myself."
– Corinne G.
"The Freedom to breathe is like a soft, gentle breeze, but powerful. It heals and inspires my mind, my heart, my soul and allows me to spread my wings and fly."
– Stefanie L.
"My favorite part of Ariel and Shya Kanes's workshop "The Freedom to Breathe" is seeing how the participants blossom. I get to look into faces that are so soft and at the same time vividly alive, so loving and powerful and all thoughts of deficiency of any kind simply dissolve into a feeling of complete well being." – Sandy S.

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