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March 1, 2012:
March Video, Article & More

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Dear Friends,

PurpleHummerWelcome to March. Spring is close upon us.  Hope this newsletter, and all it has to offer, finds you well and in good spirits.
Spring is a time when life comes back to a desolate planet.  This spring can be a new awakening for you and for the people you care about.  Sharing the possibility of transformation will bring aliveness.  So feel free to forward this newsletter to a family member, colleague or a friend. Express yourself.  Express your passions.  Express your aliveness.  Welcome to spring.

Ariel and Shya



March Video Podcast:
Ariel & Shya Invite You to Simplicity: How to Dissolve Stress, Fear, Worry & Guilt

  Invitation to Simplicity: How to Dissolve Stress, Fear, Worry & Guilt
Ariel & Shya invite you to join them and participants from as far as Germany, California & Minnesota for their workshop "Simplicity: How to Dissolve Stress, Fear, Worry & Guilt" on March 9 - 11 in New York City.  See Video.


March Article of the Month:
Inner Peace is an Experience, Not Something You "Know"

Serenity, well-being, feeling OK being you, feeling good in your own skin, not having to second guess your choices, trusting that you will do the right thing, these are but a few of the things we have found while working with people that most folks are striving for...Read More.


Transformational Moments Blog
Shea1This interactive online journal is a place where people all over the world share inspiring stories and experiences. Add your own post or comment on existing posts.

Check out this week's post from Shea in Minnesota:
"Minneapolis Meetup! from Shea in Minneapolis, Minnesota"


Monday Night Alive in NYC
Dates: March 5, 12, 19, 26

monday-night-alive"Ariel & Shya Kane teach tools for living in the moment and undoing the knee-jerk behaviors that get in the way of living life with ease."   - Time Out New York
Come to any one evening...Come as often as you like!
Click Here to Pre-Register.


Simplicity: How to Dissolve Stress, Fear, Worry, and Guilt
Dates: Friday - Sunday, March 9, 10 & 11

starImagine what it would be like to live your life in a state of well-being. Where things that used to cause you stress, fear and worry just dissolve as you become aware of them. Where resentment, regret and guilt are things of the past and no longer plague you. Simplicity will provide just such a state of well-being. The course will be effortless, easy and dare we say fun. We invite you to join us and discover how to experience a truly excellent life.  Register Today!


The Freedom to Breathe & The Secret of Wonderful Relationships
in Hamburg, Germany
Dates: March 29th - April 1st

The Secret of Wonderful Relationships, Hamburg, GermanyThese two workshops will allow you to dissolve the unconscious restrictions that limit your life, discover how to feel good in your own skin and how to have a wonderful relationship with everyone and everything, including and perhaps most especially, with yourself.

Both workshops take place in Hamburg, Germany.  Register Today!


Being Here Internet Radio Show
beinghere-radio-showJoin us for Being Here, Wednesdays at 9am PST / 12pm EST:
March 7, 2012: The Grace to Be Yourself
March 14, 2012: Fun with Dating and Relating

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  • noniThis week's Video Mini-Session is:
    Being True to Your Heart
    Noni is afraid of being disloyal to her church, but she sees that it is more important to be true to herself.
  • Premium Article of the Month for March:
    You Have Entered The Drama Zone
    It was just 2 weeks before our client, Cindy, went back to work after a long hiatus.  She had requested an individual coaching session because, for no apparent reason, her life had become “dramatic”.  Perhaps you are familiar with this phenomenon.  This is when perfectly normal situations appear to be larger than life and oh-so-dramatic.  You go to the fridge and find there is no more milk for your coffee and it is grounds (pun intended) for a major melt down.  You have a headache and suddenly an aspirin won’t do - its time to plan an operation for your rapidly growing brain tumor....Read More
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Costa Rican Adventure 2013
cr2013hdrIn our self discovery immersion course in January 2013, you will discover how to live in and access the current moment of your life with consistency, moment-to-moment, day-in-day-out. 
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