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February 27, 2012:
Simplicity: How to Dissolve
Stress, Fear, Worry & Guilt

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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming workshop in New York City:

Simplicity: How to Dissolve Stress, Fear, Worry, and GuiltSimplicity: How to Dissolve Stress, Fear, Worry and Guilt

Dates: Friday-Sunday, March 9-11
Time: Friday: 7pm-10pm, Saturday & Sunday: 10am-6pm
Fee: $425
Location: New Yorker Hotel
481 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street
New York City

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Imagine what it would be like to live your life in a state of well-being. Where
things that used to cause you stress, fear and worry just dissolve as you
become aware of them. Where resentment, regret and guilt are things of
the past and no longer plague you. Simplicity will provide just such a state
of well-being. The course will be effortless, easy and dare we say fun.

We invite you to join us and discover how to experience a truly excellent life.

Ariel and Shya


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