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February 20, 2012:
Something Rare and Beautiful

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Dear Friends,
HummerChicksEach moment is something rare and beautiful.  We hope that you are enjoying the wonder of your life, wherever this newsletter finds you.  This hummingbird and her chicks were "captured" by Ariel in Costa Rica this year.  Will you be joining us in Costa Rica in 2013?  If so, it is time to start planning and taking action.  There is an early registration discount available.

We look forward to seeing you at our seminars and/or coming to you via our upcoming radio shows.

Wishing you a lovely day and week ahead,
Ariel and Shya



Monday Night Alive in NYC
Dates: February 20 & March 5, 12, 19 & 26

monday-night-alive"Ariel & Shya Kane teach tools for living in the moment and undoing the knee-jerk behaviors that get in the way of living life with ease."   - Time Out New York
Come to any one evening...Come as often as you like!
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Simplicity: How to Dissolve Stress, Fear, Worry, and Guilt
Dates: Friday - Sunday, March 9, 10 & 11

zuta"After taking the Simplicity workshop, I felt a sense of complete well in the moment is working for me!!! I'm loving and living it!"
–Zuta G., Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer
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The Freedom to Breathe & The Secret of Wonderful Relationships
in Hamburg, Germany
Dates: March 29th - April 1st

The Secret of Wonderful Relationships, Hamburg, GermanyThese two workshops will allow you to dissolve the unconscious restrictions that limit your life, discover how to feel good in your own skin and how to have a wonderful relationship with everyone and everything, including and perhaps most especially, with yourself.

Both workshops take place in Hamburg, Germany.  Register Today!


Being Here Internet Radio Show
beinghere-radio-showJoin us for Being Here, Wednesdays at 9am PST / 12pm EST:
Feb. 22, 2012: Living In A Drama-Free Zone
Feb. 29, 2012: Don't Ask Too Much of Me


Transformational Moments Blog
Lincoln CenterThis interactive online journal is a place where people all over the world share inspiring stories and experiences. Add your own post or comment on existing posts.

Check out this week's post, a combination of updates from people across the world: "We Imagine".


Premium Excellence Clubpremium-excellence-club-roundNEW
This is our subscription series where you receive weekly Video Mini-Sessions & monthly articles and Q&As.

WhatBringsYouLifeThis week's Video Mini-Session is:
"What Brings You Life"
Andy is delighted to discover there is nothing wrong in his career.

Members: click here or on the video to watch.

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Costa Rican Adventure 2013
cr2013hdrIn our self discovery immersion course in January 2013, you will discover how to live in and access the current moment of your life with consistency, moment-to-moment, day-in-day-out. 
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