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December 1, 2011: December
Holiday Video, Article & More

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Dear Friends,

As we swing into the holiday season, please allow us to take a moment and let you know that we appreciate having you as a part of our Transformational Community. Wishing you a wealth of blessings and good health in the month of December and the year ahead.

Sending our best wishes.

Ariel & Shya



December Video Podcast: Happy Holidays from Ariel & Shya
  Ariel & Shya's Holiday Greeting
The Kanes reveal how you can enjoy the holidays and make a difference in the lives of the people around you. Watch.


December Article of the Month:
3 Simple Tips for Reducing Stress During the Holidays

Ariel & Shya's 3 Simple Tips for Reducing Stress During the HolidaysHoliday season is around the corner and many of us are making plans to spend time with family. What better opportunity is there than to bring transformation home for the holidays? This article offers three simple tips for reducing the stress during this time of year. We hope it supports you in having a healthy and vibrant end of the year and sets you up to ring in the new year with all that life has to offer...Read More.


Transformational Moments Blog
LeahThis interactive online journal is a place where people all over the world share inspiring stories and experiences. Add your own post or comment on existing posts.

Check out this week's post from Leah in Brooklyn, NY:
"An Astounding Adventure!"


Monday Night Alive in NYC
Dates: December 5, 12, 19

monday-night-alive"Ariel & Shya Kane teach tools for living in the moment and undoing the knee-jerk behaviors that get in the way of living life with ease."   - Time Out New York
Come to any one evening...Come as often as you like!
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The Freedom to Breathe and Art of Being a Healer Weekend
Dates: Friday - Sunday, December 9 - 11, 2011

starRegardless of our vocations or roles in life, we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and to be a healing presence for those around us.  Discover the healer that dwells within and learn to use breath as a tool to gently dissolve the unconscious restrictions that limit your life.

"During the Freedom to Breathe it was the first time I actually experienced what 'being' is. How calm my mind can get and how soft
my body feels and how wonderful it is to meet myself."
– Corinne G. from Zurich, Switzrland

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Money, Success & Happiness: Wealth as a Lifestyle
Dates: Friday - Sunday, January 6 - 8, 2012
starWhat if money, success and happiness were natural expressions of your life rather than something you have to chase after? When you discover how to live in the moment, that's exactly what happens: you stop daydreaming about wealth and start having it. This workshop offers you the opportunity to discover true wealth, and gives you the tools to experience it in all aspects of your life. Register.


International Tuesday Teleseminars
Date: December 6th

intlThese telephone seminars are like Monday Night Alive! but are over the phone, bilingual (translated live from English into German) and have a live, international audience! Register.


Costa Rican Adventure 2012

cr2012hdrJoin us and participants from all over the world for our self discovery immersion courses in January 2012 and discover how to live in and access the current moment of your life with consistency, moment-to-moment, day-in-day-out. 
See what people are saying.

Reminder: Group 1 is full/closed. There are still a limited number of spaces available in Group 2, but time is running out. If you wish to join us, don’t delay, register today!


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  • Premium Article of the Month for December:
    Forgiveness: Who Are You Really Forgiving?
    Forgiveness.  We've all heard this word but do you know what it means? 
    The dictionary defines forgiveness as:  To give up the right to punish.  It defines forgiveness as to give up the desire to punish, too.  The word forgiveness can also be used another way as in to “forgive” a debt.  When you do this you make it as if the debt never happened in the first place.  It is over, complete, never happened, it is done.  Read More...
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