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November 1, 2011:
A Month of Thanksgiving

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to November.  It is a month to be thankful as autumn moves toward winter.  In this newsletter we offer a wealth of possibility – the blog posts written by inspiring people in this community, our article of the month, video of the month and invitation to upcoming seminars.  We invite you to read, watch, listen and partake of any and all.
In the past month we were honored to visit Hamburg and London and have many people from across the country and the world come there and to our New York City courses as well.  Our radio show, Being Here, continues to be an inspiration to many who we have yet to meet in person and to those who use listening as a way to remain centered and stay connected.
In the weeks ahead we will be pleased to offer all of our books in audiobook format so watch for the announcement in your postal mail or inbox.
We thank you for being a part of this wonderful community.

With warmest wishes from snowy New Jersey,
Ariel and Shya
P.S.  Perhaps we will have power again at our home by the weekend.  The snow storm last Saturday has downed the power lines, trees and tree limbs on our property and up and down our road.  It reminded us of all we take for granted as we heat our living area by wood stove.  We will give an update during our radio show on Wednesday.  Don’t forget, if you live in Europe or the UK to tune in one hour earlier than usual as we have yet to change our clocks back here!



November Video Podcast: Ariel & Shya Kanes' Approach to Transformation
  Ariel & Shya Kane- Their Approach To Transformation
Ariel & Shya answer a question about how they have come to take their approach to transformation.


November Article of the Month: Following the Trail of Breadcrumbs to Wellness

Recently we received an email from a woman who wanted to know what diet we were on that had us lose so much weight and subsequently appear so fit. As we looked at the question answers came to us in quick succession. And yet, we realized that each time we had a definitive answer we discovered that another earlier moment in time led us to where we are today, with our level of fitness and health and our sense of well-being. Read More.


Transformational Moments Blog
handelThis interactive online journal is a place where people all over the world share inspiring stories and experiences. Add your own post or comment on existing posts.

Check out this week's post from Rod & Caitlin in Brooklyn, NY: "Our Music Video Launch!"


Monday Night Alive in NYC
Dates: November 7, 14, 21, 28

monday-night-alive"Ariel & Shya Kane teach tools for living in the moment and undoing the knee-jerk behaviors that get in the way of living life with ease." - Time Out New York"
Come to any one evening...Come as often as you like!
Click Here to Pre-Register.


The Art of Listening
Dates: November 4th - 6th
Did you ever stop to think what the quality of your life would be like if you could listen more effectively? What if a shift in the way you listen made life easier, so that you were more successful at work, in social situations and in your personal relationships? The Art of Listening is a dynamic interactive workshop that will allow you to naturally & effortlessly expand your ability to access the moment and experience a sense of well-being.  Register Today!


International Tuesday Teleseminars
Date: November 8th

intlThese telephone seminars are like Monday Night Alive! but are over the phone, bilingual (translated live from English into German) and have a live, international audience! Register.


Costa Rican Adventure 2012

cr2012hdrJoin us and participants from all over the world for our self discovery immersion courses in January 2012 and discover how to live in and access the current moment of your life with consistency, moment-to-moment, day-in-day-out. 
See what people are saying.

Reminder: Group 1 is full/closed. There are still a limited number of spaces available in Group 2, but time is running out. If you wish to join us, don’t delay, register today!


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  • Premium Article of the Month for November:
    Rediscovering That What We Have is Truly What We Want
    and Other Amusing Observations

    We arrived bleary-eyed at the Holiday Inn in London one cool afternoon.  We had just flown in from Hamburg, Germany after leading a series of courses there and were quite bushed, ready to retire early and rest up for the seminars we were conducting on the following days in London.  As we checked in, the desk clerk handed us the paper wallet that held our room keys with our room number written upon it: #518.  Read More...
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