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September 19, 2011: Shhhh –
Too Hot to Mention Here!

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Dear Friends,

Do you talk about sex in public?  We do!
We're broadcasting live across the globe this week on our radio show Being Here on the theme of "Sex, Sex, Sex...And Did We Mention Sex?"

We invite you to tune in and listen, you can call during the show time and ask us those burning questions you've always had about sex, and maybe even discover something new that could make your sex life blossom. 
Join us!  It will be fun, lively and dare we say – Sexy!

Warmly (pun intended),
Ariel and Shya
P.S.  Feel free to send questions in advance or comment about the show on our Facebook page:

Ariel and Shya



Sex, Sex, Sex... And Did We Mention Sex?

Being Here Radio ShowDate: Wednesday, September 21
Time: 9am PST / 12pm EST / 6pm German time & 5pm in UK*
Click Here to Listen Live During Show Time.
Live Toll-free Call in Number: 1-866-472-5795

(Outside of US & Canada: 480-553-5747)
*The show will be rebroadcast at 9pm PDT / Midnight EST.

Did you miss last week's show: “Your Dictatorial Mind”? No problem? Click here to listen! Or listen to any show in our archives whenever you'd like.


Here are the ways you can access Being Here: line_dotted_350

Ariel & Shya Kane • phone: 908-479-6034 • email:

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