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August 1, 2011:
August News

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Dear Friends,

Summer is almost over.  But where did it go?  It just started?  Just like our lives, you have to be here for it.  Otherwise summer is over in the blink of an eye.  

It really is time to bring urgency to how you go about living your life.  Simple as it may seem, this moment of now is all there is.  Slow down and get here for this moment and there will still be lots of summer left to appreciate.

We are pleased to present you our August Video Podcast, an invitation to join our Costa Rican Adventure 2012.  In it, we share some highlights and moments from some amazing peoples' lives in our previous adventures.  We hope you enjoy them and find them an inspiration in supporting you in joining us for the upcoming Costa Rican Adventure, should you wish to come.  Just a reminder, Course 1 has filled and is closed.  If you would like to attend there are a limited number of spaces available in Course 2 – January 21st-27th, 2012.  If you are coming, don’t hesitate. 
Register today.

Wishing you all a most glorious end to summer.

Ariel and Shya

P.S.  Today is our daughter Diana’s Birthday and on the 3rd is our son Josh’s.  
Happy Birthday to both of you – Love, Dad and Ariel.



August Video Podcast:
Invitation to Ariel & Shya Kanes' Costa Rican Adventure 2012

  Ariel & Shya and participants in their Costa Rican Adventure share the profound transformations that have taken place in their lives and invite you to join them.


August Article of the Month:
Taking a Classy Ride

If you are here and paying attention, you can learn amazing things from unexpected sources. Great teachers are everywhere. Of course it requires being interested, taking the attention off of yourself, listening and having the willingness to see and admire the human spirit and heart. It necessitates being willing to know that all those around you possess the capacity for brilliance if only you have the eyes to see.
Read More.


Transformational Moments Blog
andreaThis interactive online journal is a place where people all over the world share inspiring stories and experiences. Add your own post or comment on existing posts.

Check out this week's post from Andrea in Basel, Switzerland: "Transformational Songwriting".


Being Here Internet Radio Show
beinghere-radio-showJoin us for Being Here, Wednesdays at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT:
August 3rd: Discovering Your Relationship DNA
August 10th: There is Nothing to Fear.... Even Fear Itself


Monday Night Alive in NYC
Dates: August 1, 8, 15, 22

monday-night-alive"Ariel & Shya Kane teach tools for living in the moment and undoing the knee-jerk behaviors that get in the way of living life with ease." - Time Out New York"
Come to any one evening...Come as often as you like!
Click Here to Pre-Register.


Step Into Your Brilliance in NYC
Dates: August 12 - 14

starThis course is designed to free you from internal chatter, self-doubts and complaints so that you can step into your brilliance not just occasionally – not just when you feel secure – but all of the time.


International Tuesday Teleseminars
Date: August 16th

intlThese telephone seminars are like Monday Night Alive! but are over the phone, bilingual (translated live from English into German) and have a live, international audience!


The Freedom to Breathe & License to Live in Hamburg, Germany
Dates: October 13th - 16th

hamburgThese two workshops will allow you to dissolve the unconscious restrictions that limit your life and to discover your brilliance. Both take place in the bright and spacious rooms of the JKA Dojo in Hamburg.


Costa Rican Adventure 2012

cr2012hdrJoin us and participants from all over the world for our self discovery immersion courses in January 2012 and discover how to live in and access the current moment of your life with consistency, moment-to-moment, day-in-day-out.


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  • This week's Video Mini-Session is:
    shannonBring It Forward
    Shannon has a conundrum over her friend's complaining nature and discovers that Transformation is the key.
  • Premium Article of the Month for August:
    Time on the Water
    Shya and I went fishing on the Delaware River the other day. It was late afternoon as we launched our little aluminum boat, the slanting sunlight dancing on the water. Two days before while taking a walk we stood on a bridge, which crossed the Delaware and had spied many fish; bass, crappies and bluegills. The fish were all holding in one small pool between an island and the western edge and we were looking forward to motoring over to that area and trying out some of Shya’s flies to see what we could catch. Read More
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