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September 1, 2014:
The Art of Listening:
September Newsletter

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The Art of Listening: September Newsletter


Dear Friends,  

"True listening is actively listening to another with the intention of hearing what is being said from the other's point of view." - Ariel & Shya Kane


This month, we are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and our lives are truly wonderful! One of the biggest keys in keeping our relationship vibrant, loving and alive is listening. When you truly listen to another, it pulls you into the moment. And the moment is magic.


In our September Article of the Month, "Life Is A Date" and September Video of the Month, "Transformation on the River," we'll share about what supported us in creating a Match Made in Heaven.


Experiencing sweetness, ease and fulfillment in all of your relationships, is a real possibility. We'll explore this at our September 15th special event in NYC, Kisses Are Sweeter Than Whine, and our Art of Listening weekend seminar in NYC September 19th - 21st. Our friend Menna van Praag is also coming to town to lead a seminar on Writing Made Easy! Details are below.


Wishing you a wonderful September!



Ariel & Shya


Being Here
"Kisses Are 
Sweeter Than Whine"
Click HERE to listen!
An excerpt from How to Have A Match Made in Heaven: 
A Transformational Approach to Dating, Relating and Marriage 

"If you're dating or contemplating dating again, you may be reading this with the desire to glean tips that will help you with that process. If you've been married for years, you may be skimming through this to get on to the information that applies to you. You may erroneously think that you're 'beyond the dating stage' and may be rushing forward to find the marriage parts. But dating itself is a key building block for any relationship or marriage."

Transformation on the River

Ariel & Shya Kane share their passion for fishing, life and living in the moment






Ever whine to get your way or pout when you don't? In celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary, join us and discover just how sweet all of your relationships can be.


Date: Monday, September 15, 2014

Time: 7pm-9:30pm | Fee: $20

Location: Skyline Hotel

725 Tenth Ave. at 49th Street, Penthouse Ballroom





Did you ever stop to think what the quality of your life would be like if you could listen more effectively? What if a shift in the way you listen made life easier, so that you were more successful at work, in social situations and in your personal relationships? In this dynamic interactive workshop, you will discover the fundamental keys to effective listening and the barriers that prevent us from having satisfying communication with those around us. 



Dates: Friday, September 19, - Sunday, September 21, 2014

Time: Friday: 7 - 10pm, Saturday & Sunday: 9:45am - 6:00pm

Fee: $425

Location: Skyline Hotel, 725 Tenth Ave. at 49th Street - Penthouse Ballroom





Join bestselling author, Menna van Praag, for an evening of literary inspiration! Whether you want to write a book, an article or simply create compelling newsletters, blog posts or emails, this workshop is for you.


Our latest title, How to Have a Match Made in Heaven, won the Mom's Choice Award Gold medal and 4 other awards. Menna's input, coaching and support was integral to our success. For anyone who wants to be a successful writer and who wants to be stress free in the process, we whole heartedly recommend taking her class.


Date: Tuesday September 23, 2014
Time: 7-10pm | Fee: $100
Location: Ripley-Grier Studios

520 8th Avenue, 16th Floor, Studio 16K, NYC 



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