Ariel & Shya Kane: Catalysts for Instantaneous Transformation
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Say YES to Your Life! Costa Rica 2016

An Immersion Course into the
Magic of Instantaneous Transformation

Costa Rica 2016

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Invitation to Ariel & Shya Kanes' Costa Rican Adventure 2014
Invitation to Ariel & Shya's
Costa Rican Adventure 2014

A Glimpse Into The Costa Rican Adventure with Ariel & Shya Kane
A Glimpse Into
The Costa Rican Adventure

A Deeply Moving Experience

Greetings From Costa Rica
Greetings From Costa Rica

Costa Rican Adventure Video
Costa Rican Adventure Video

Costa Rican Boat Trip:
A Metaphor For Transformation

Say YES to Your Life! Costa Rica is designed so that you can relax into yourself and experience the effortlessness and ease of Instantaneous Transformation. In these immersion courses you will discover how to be satisfied in all areas of your life; relate in a more honest and natural way; remain centered during life's challenges; eliminate stress and dissolve mechanical behaviors that get between you and being fully self expressive. This tropical paradise, with lush surroundings and delicious food, is the perfect background for you to discover your own true brilliance.

Say YES to Your Life! Costa Rica 2016 will take place at the magnificent Hacienda Sueño Azul, a short two hour drive from the San Jose Airport, amidst the Braulio Carrillo National Park. The hotel sits on a 2400 acre property with a backdrop of two converging rivers with a black sand beach and offers its own stable with 110 beautiful horses, butterfly farm, canopy tour, zip line and spa. This new location is beautiful and gracious.

The Costa Rican Adventure 2016 will take place over 2 weeks – participants can register for either or both weeks.

Group 1:
Arrive Saturday, January 16th
Course days Sunday - Friday
Depart Saturday, January 23rd
Group 2:
Arrive Saturday, January 23rd
Course days Sunday-Friday
Depart Saturday, January 30th

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What People Are Saying About Previous
Costa Rican Adventures

Many people have written to us expressing the profound transformations that have taken place in their relationships, work and lives in general. Below is a small sampling of what participants had to say about their experiences:

"Costa Rica was amazing! Rich, restful, exciting, energizing.  We are experiencing a whole new level of ease...things just keep getting easier, sweeter, more intimate and more fun!" – Andy & Leah Schneeflock, Brooklyn, NY
"After Costa Rica, everything feels so new! Colors are in 3D, I feel so connected to people – like I'm meeting them for the first time and seeing their brilliance. Life seems to have slowed down and things are getting done without the drive to complete them. So amazing!!" – Jodi A., Mentor Teacher / Literacy Specialist, Brooklyn, NY
"How many ways can you say Wow! It's as if my husband and I have been on a romantic date ever since we returned from our Costa Rican Adventure. I had the most wonderful conversation with my sister I've had in many many years. And work has been great! It's as if my whole world took the courses." – Lenore Cilmi, Bronx, NY
"Something clicked for me in Costa Rica this year. Since coming back I have noticed that I am a 'yes' to my wife ... and to myself, more than ever before. It's a LOT more fun being a yes!" – Mac Jackson, Stamford, CT
"Costa Rica saved my life! Life doesn't have to be so hard. It can be effortless, and fun, and so awesome! All I have to do is say YES!" – Sandy D'Amato, Hayward, CA
"Attending Ariel & Shya's workshops means magic happens in your lives, in so many ways! My world gets bigger: anything and everything is suddenly possible. Often my thoughts tell me I can't do this or that, it's not possible, it can happen for other people but not me... and yet, every year after Costa Rica something incredible happens."
– Menna de sa Baretto, Cambridge, UK
"I have a new life after Costa Rica, including my old one! When I arrived back at work, I felt so strong in myself and at the same time my heart was open and available. I can see and feel it everywhere in my life how magical transformation is." – Corinne Gabriel, Zürich, Switzerland

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Dates, Details & Registration

Group 1:
Arrive Saturday, January 16th
Course days Sunday - Friday
Depart Saturday, January 23rd
Group 2:
Arrive Saturday, January 23rd
Course days Sunday-Friday
Depart Saturday, January 30th

Please note: In order to facilitate a balance between American and European participants, we will be determining who goes in which group by mid-late summer. If you have a specific course you must attend due to work or other obligations, or if you have a course preference, please let us know.

$4095 – 1 Course
Early Registration Discount: $250 - Total Course Fee: $3845

$7950 – Both Courses ($240 discount if attending both courses)
Early Registration Discount: $250 - Total course Fee: $7700

Fee includes course; lodging; meals; transportation to and from airport; group activities. Does not include tips, airfare, or extra activities such as spa services, horseback riding, etc. Air-conditioned rooms will have a surcharge of $75 for one week, $150 for two weeks.

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed a weekend workshop with the Kanes between March 2015 and January 2016 prior to attending the course. For more information, call the Kanes directly at 908-479-6034 or e-mail them at

All payments are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Due Dates:
First 1/3 Due upon registration: $1365 / $2650
Second 1/3 Due Monday, August 3rd: $1365 / $2650
Final Payment Due Monday, January 4th, 2016: $1365 / $2650
(Or final payment with early registration discount: $1115/$2400)

« Download Costa Rica 2016 Registration form »

Early Registration Discount Details
*Any participant who has a full 1/3 deposit in by Monday, April 20th, 2015 and who has made ALL subsequent payments ON or BEFORE each due date will receive a $250 discount to be taken at the time of final payment. (In order to be eligible, wire transfers must be RECEIVED IN OUR BANK ACCOUNT on or before the due dates.) For more information, call the Kanes directly in New Jersey at 908-479-6034 or email them
Make checks payable to ASK Productions, Inc. and send to:

ASK Productions, Inc.
C/O Joshua Blau, CPA
1180 Avenue of Americas
Suite 836
New York, NY 10036

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