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September 20: Work as Play

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Why not “play” when you’re at work? Why not be there like it is your idea and exactly what you want to be doing? Tune in to this playful episode of Being Here and have work be a time of self expression and rejuvenation rather than something you “have” to go to. Callers welcome at Tel# 1-888-346-9141!

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September 13: Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines – Part 3

Yep, that right this theme was so popular we just had to ‟do it” again…and again! Ever find your sex life going limp? In a light and fun way, Ariel and Shya will discuss bringing fun back into the bedroom…or anywhere else romance happens.

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Pei SiaI listen to Being Here during my walks to and back from work! It’s fun! – Pei Sia, Sydney, Australia

StefanieListening during lunch breaks or on a warm evening swinging in the hammock. It’s always inspiring and energizing. – Stefanie, Hamburg, Germany

EricI subscribe to the podcast and it downloads automatically! I went back and listened to every episode!!!! – Eric, Brooklyn, NY

AngelikaThanks for the great opportunity to call into Being Here! We talked about approaching work as if it was my own idea – and it works. Today, it’s so much more fun and efficient! – Angelika, Hamburg, Germany

VictoriaI listen in the archives and on my laptop. Afterwards, I very often have the urge to share the episode with my friends, which I also enjoy doing. – Victoria, Aalborg, Denmark

LenoreAriel and Shya are great company during an otherwise solo stroll. I also love live shows. I even call in sometimes when I listen live. – Lenore, Yonkers, NY